As an SEO Company we have worked for several clients from different region of the world, such as USA, Canada, Australia, India, Morocco, Macau. We have professional team which gives us an edge over other competitors. Our team includes SEO Manager, senior SEO expert, Content writer and junior SEO persons as well. Our SEO manager has more than 6 years of experience in the field of SEO, SEM, keyword research, internet marketing, content management etc. Our SEO manager has handled more than five members on the team which results boosting other member’s SEO skills.

SEO members and content writers always learn from our senior SEO experts which makes our team coordination solid and strong. We share a small office space to handle our client projects as well as our own projects. We run our other websites as well which help us to implement new techniques of SEO in Morden world. We always try to deliver result oriented high quality work form our clients, following are the things which we do in our SEO:

On Page Optimization

We start our client project with keyword research and try to give good low competition keyword with high traffic search volume, to do this task we use paid keyword research tool known as which gives search volume CPC, PPC and difficulty score in one click.

After finishing the keyword research we check content for duplication on other websites. If content is duplicate then our SEO expert and content writer helps you get better SEO friendly content for your website, blog. Our clients don’t have to search for separate content writer for their website because they are getting in house content writers from Linkofruit. It gives an advantage to our client have both SEO and content writer under one roof. After finalizing the content we move on to check on page errors which are as follows.

  • Meta tags (Title, description, meta keywords)
  • Heading tags (H1, H2, H3)
  • Alt attributes
  • Title attributes
  • Yost SEO (propr optimization)
  • Image Tag
  • New page creation suggestion (if required)
  • URL Canonicalization Check
  • Robots.Txt Optimization
  • Favion check
  • XML and HTML Sitemap Generation
  • Website Page Load Optimization (With WordPress Plugin Only)
  • Internal link structuring & optimization
  • and all the On Page work

After rectifying the on page errors we move on to off page SEO known as link building part. It is one of the most important part of rankings in any search engines such as Google, yahoo or bing.

We have vast knowledge of link building for any website in any category from any region of the world. We have expertise in local SEO and link building as well as we has professional team to work on link building projects.
We do both traditional link building and Modern era link building. Doing both these type of link building helps client keywords to rank on search engines whether the keywords are for local SEO, national SEO or the global platform. We approach other website owners and bloggers to add guest post their websites, it call outreach link building in modern era.

Here are some of the things which we do for our clients

  • Outreach Link Building
  • Citation Link Building
  • Blog Posts
  • Web 2.0 with 500 Words
  • Niche Blog Commenting
  • Brand Profile Links
  • Naked URL Link Building
  • Guest Blog Posting
  • Classified ads Submission
  • Info Graphic Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Power Point Creation and Submission
  • All the Link Building Work Which Require to Rank a Website.

We also use social media to get high quality traffic engagements and leads for our client projects. Following are the things we do in social media marketing Facebook sharing (communities and pages ) Twitter posts, Pinterest images marketing, 500px images sharing, Flicker image sharing, Linkedin sharing etc.

We also offer local search SEO for our clients, we have done various Local SEP projects, you can see those in our portfolio section to have better idea what we can achieve and what we have achieved. Here are the few things which we do for our clients:

  • Local Search Website Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Updating local listing Pages
  • GEO Tagging (for Images)
  • Local Classified ads submission
  • Google Local Listing known as GMB (Google My Business)

Weekly and Monthly Reporting

  • SEO Reports
  • Working Report
  • Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports
  • Monthly Action Plan (to achieve better search results)